Monday April 30

  • Spain's 'me too' movement goes viral

    Spain's judicial system is facing harsh scrutiny after a recent verdict cleared five men of gang rape. Accusing the Spanish judicial system of being too lenient towards the perpetrators, protesters have expressed outrage over the ruling, uniting around Europe in solidarity with the victim. 
    Turning to Twitter, the protesters created the hashtag  'cuentalo' a Spanish phrase which means 'tell your story', to voice stories of sexual assault and abuse. The hashtag has since gained over 700K tweets as of Monday morning.
    One woman said on Twitter that ‘she has no words to express the pain, anger , and sadness in the face of so much injustice’.  
    Using the 'cuaentalo' hashtag, women are not only sharing their stories, but the stories of other women who no longer can because they have died or have taken their own life as a result of abuse from men.
    "Gabriela was a really happy girl with lots of friends, until the day she went out with her schoolmates and they all drugged her, raped her, filmed it and shared the video. She reported it but no one believed her. I'm telling you because she committed suicide. #Cuéntalo"
    Another tweet reads, '#Cuéntalo. 7 months pregnant, naked from the waist down on the bed, the gynaecologist told me 'women were prettier when they used to keep quiet', and he slapped me on the arse because I was asking a lot of questions. I froze and didn't say anything.'